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Internet Copy
As more and more businesses and nonprofits come to rely on the internet for reaching their customers, their stakeholders and their employees, clear and effective Internet copy is increasingly important. Scott has written and edited hundreds of articles for a variety of websites and social media posts. He can help you with Internet copy that communicates exactly what you want in a fresh and interesting way. Turnaround time is always quick.
If anyone is looking for a superior writer, editor, or overall communications strategist, Scott Smith is your man.... Whether looking at a campaign or project from 30,000 feet or writing or editing a one-off job, Scott brings critical thinking, superior editorial skills and plain old common sense to the job. And when his red pen strikes something you've written, you'll find quickly that he's made your copy better.... Scott Smith is the guy for you.
Neil Cotiaux

Scott can fashion and edit copy that hits home with customers and clients. And his experience in managing print and electronic publications has given him insight he can share with you to improve your newsletters, brochures and ads and boost your readership.
B2B and C-level Communications
Scott has extensive experience in B2B and C-level communications. Businesses talk to other businesses in unique ways. Scott understands how those relationships work and can bring a wealth of B2B experience to bear on those important communications. And whether you're a CEO, COO, CFO or other corporate officer, Scott can help you craft context-sensitive messages to business clients, boards, employees, stockholders or other audiences that always keep you on top of your game.
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